Drunk College Girl’s Bikini Slips While Dancing

Time & Date: February 12, 2006 @ 12:59 am

I like those platforms/boxes in night clubs they have on the dancefloor, made especially for hotties wanting to show off the goods. I used to have a roommate that was a go-go dancer/stripper, and she was paid to be one of those hotties in probably one of the biggest clubs Chi-Town has to offer. She loved the attention she got from all the men (after all, she was also a stripper), standing in front of her, ogling her hot, little body wiggling around up there.

At first, I thought this dual titty slip was just this drunk college girl flashing her boobies to her audience. The thing is, I can’t find ANY evidence that she’s flashing. None of the other college girls up there are naked, or flashing any of their goodies. Her hands aren’t anywhere near her bikini top and she doesn’t look like she even realizes her two jiggly, natural boobs are exposed. Of course, the girl on our left looks like she’s getting her ass felt up by her girlfriend. In my opinion, she was shakin’ her stuff so hard while she was dancing, that those two funbags just slipped right out of her bikini.

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2 Responses to “Drunk College Girl’s Bikini Slips While Dancing”

  1. Jigga Said:

    Slip? Not. Not out of that style of top. Slut? Yes. Slip? No.

  2. Administrator Said:

    I think you’re wrong, Jigga. Girls with bigger boobs sometimes find themselves working their way out of a top. Plus, as I said, there’s no sign that she’s flashing purposely.

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