Drunk Party Girl’s Pierced Nipple Slips While Dancing

Time & Date: February 16, 2006 @ 12:44 am

You gotta appreciate some drunk, cute party girl so wrapped up in dancing and wiggling her body that she doesn’t even notice her nipple slipping out of her top. She’s just dancing the night away, like she would if her tiny, little titty wasn’t popping out of her blouse. A very fortunate accident for us. ;)

She has all the makings going on to insure a public nip slip. A loose shirt, small titties with pierced nipples, a heavy mane of beads bouncing and moving her already loose shirt around, and she looks pretty sloshed to me. Plus, her nipple-ring has snagged her top under her exposed nipple, making sure the her nipple stays in public view, for everyone to see. I love it!

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2 Responses to “Drunk Party Girl’s Pierced Nipple Slips While Dancing”

  1. RC Said:

    Accident, huh? How do you explain thoughs beads around here neck?

  2. Administrator Said:

    You’re right, RC. She put her nipple right on the edge of her shirt line & snagged her piercing on her shirt on purpose. And she got beads for that! Why don’t you read the post and perhaps that will keep you from posting idiotic comments in the future. Smart ass.

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