Nipple Slip on Wild Drunk Girl at a Night Club

Time & Date: February 20, 2006 @ 9:17 pm

I wonder what these two club cuties are on? There have been many o’ times when I’ve felt exactly how she looks. I just can’t remember which concoction of which drugs and alcohol I did to feel that way. There were so many good ones, how could I possibly remember all of them? And using them didn’t help my memory either. Sacrificing a few brain cells in exchange for a good time never killed anyone. It may turn you stupid, but not kill ya. :roll:

I can see how this nipple slip would happen. I’m sure she noticed a mili-second after this photo was snapped, the photographer just happened to take this shot at the right moment. But when a girl is a wearing a top like that (I think it’s called a bustier), with her cute, tiny tits and suddenly throws up her arms in a burst of ecstatic euphoria, you can bet there’s a good chance her tits/nipples are going to make a public appearance.

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One Response to “Nipple Slip on Wild Drunk Girl at a Night Club”

  1. Karen Said:

    I’ve noticed that it happens to women with either small boobs or fake boobs. I’ll admit I’ve had “work” done on my boobs and I’ve done that too.

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