Party Girl’s Open Blouse Exposes Her Nipple

Time & Date: February 22, 2006 @ 1:07 am

Well, if this girl’s blouse isn’t an attention-getter, then I don’t what is. She mine as well just pull her big ol’ floppy knockers out of her top and walk around like that. It is kind of sexy, except for the fact that it looks like something her grandmother knitted for her for christmas. I guess, as long as she’s flashing some skin, accidental or intentional, she can dress like a bag lady for all I care.

Judging by her heavy-metal wrist band, her messed up hair, and, of course, her overall outfit, I’m going to say she was doing some heavy duty partying that night. She’s a bit on the ‘chunky’ side for my tastes, but she would be a great drunk sex partner. Once you get your buzz on, those big ol’ titties are going to start to look mighty scrumptious, and something tells me she would greatly appreciate the attention; therefore she just might be willing to go that extra dirty distance.

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One Response to “Party Girl’s Open Blouse Exposes Her Nipple”

  1. Ron Said:

    nice boobs

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