Celebrity Nipple Slip - Cindy Margolis

Time & Date: February 25, 2006 @ 2:28 am

Does anyone remember Cindy Margolis? She was once known as the most downloaded woman on the internet, before Danni Ashe snagged her spot. Cindy held that title for something like 3 - 4 years, though, and she was the first person recognized as the most downloaded.

Cindy Margolis never did any porn or nude modeling, so that brief time in the spotlight was from nothing more than bikini and lingerie modeling. Quite an achievement, considering the ‘most downloaded’ women that followed her were nude models or porn stars. Then she got her own show, “The Cindy Margolis Show”. Lots of people complained how horrible it was, but I think they missed the beauty of it. It was nothing but Tits & Ass of hot babes in skimpy attire. It was beautiful! Every friday night I stayed in from the clubs, I’d watch her show religiously. This nipple slip of hers looks like it happened during her former show. That’s right. her show was cancelled. And I haven’t heard much about her since. Her site says she was working on having a baby, so I’m sure we won’t be seeing her anymore.

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