Party Girl Slips a Nipple from Her Bikini

Time & Date: March 5, 2006 @ 12:46 am

Over the years, I’ve noticed that girls with big, natural boobs have to be careful when they’re wearing tiny bikinis. Somehow, those big funbags work themselves out of there and nipples are exposed very easily. I used to date this girl in college. She was this tiny Puerto Rican hottie, but she had these huge natural tits that just bounced and jiggled at all the right moments. I bought her a bikini for this trip to the Bahamas I was taking her on. The whole trip she was slipping nipples, left and right. It was great for me, because I would get so horny, I would have to keep taking her back to the hotel room and get a quickie in.

I’m not sure what these drunk party girls are up to in this photo, but I’m kind of wishing I was there. A couple of cuties in bikinis and I see some beer bottles in the background. That’s all I need for my own little party. Whatever this chick is doing, it’s caused her nipple to make a special appearance, and judging by the finger-pointing in the cornor of the photo, we’re not the only ones noticing it.

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