Party Girl’s Boobs Busting Out of Her Bikini

Time & Date: March 7, 2006 @ 4:18 am

I’m not usually attracted to fake tits, but I tend to make an exception when they’re so big and hard, they’re busting out of a girl’s bikini. A tit’s a tit, and if they’re in plain site, I’m going to check them out no matter if they’re fake or not. Especially when the girl looks a bit schnokered and has all the right curves. Being accompanied by a cute, little Asian honey always helps too. ;)

Too bad the photographer didn’t continue to follow this girl around more, because I bet her nipple completly slipped out, eventually. Unfortunately, we only get a tease, with her areola just barely coming out the top. Those massive mammaries sure look like they are about to explode out of her bikini top, though. If you look carefully, you can see the outline of her nipple/areola, through the bikini, on her other boob.

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3 Responses to “Party Girl’s Boobs Busting Out of Her Bikini”

  1. squizzle Said:

    Did you notice that’s the dude from Real World? Landon I think his name is …

  2. Administrator Said:

    No, I didn’t know that. There’s some nipples of his too… :mrgreen:

  3. ross Said:

    yea i think that guy in this pic is from that mtv show the gountlet or however you spell it i want to say his name is landen

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