Wasted Club Girl Slips Her Nipple in Public

Time & Date: March 8, 2006 @ 1:43 am

Now this is what I always like to see. Two drunk/wasted club cuties accentuating their beautiful bust-line and showing off their sexy bellies. These types of club girls are usually the ones that are there to actually dance, instead of the other types of club girls, that are there mainly to be seen. Their club attire is a bit more athletic and/or loose-fitting for maximum dance moves.

I’m not sure what all these people are looking at, but it was enough to take their attention away from the fact that the tiny, brunette club girl’s nipple/titty has slipped out of her top. It’s always good to keep hers or her friend’s attention away from her slip, so they don’t inform her. I figure it’s either that, or she had her tit out so someone could suckle on it. Perhaps she was getting a little action in a dark corner of the club. After all, it appears that her lips are a little chapped. Maybe she was just sucking-off someone herself.

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2 Responses to “Wasted Club Girl Slips Her Nipple in Public”

  1. leo Said:

    where is the movies

  2. Administrator Said:

    Well, you can submit some and I’ll post them.

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