Sloppy Drunk Girl Over Exposes Her Cleavage

Time & Date: March 9, 2006 @ 6:42 am

I know exactly how this chick feels. You’ve been drinking all day, since happy hour, it’s only 2:00am and you’re completely shitfaced, just barely hanging in there. The only reason is because you don’t want to miss the party, so you keep going, getting more wasted by the hour. That’s a rough night, and it’s usually never worth it.

It kind of looks like the cameraman walked up and told her to flash for the camera and she just barely got her hands up to her neckline, to expose her cleavage. Being completely drunk and careless she pulls down her top a little too much, revealing her areola/nipple. It’s not the best one I’ve seen, but at least she’s trying. ;)

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