Hot Club Girl’s Boobs Exposed in a See-Thru Blouse

Time & Date: March 14, 2006 @ 7:36 am

I gotta say, not a bad rack at all. I’ve always wondered in photos such as this; does the chick realize that her blouse is see-thru and she’s intentionally showing off the goods, or did the light catch it just right and her thin fabric gave-in to the light? I really don’t care either way. It just seems so much hotter when when a chick doesn’t realize her tits are exposed.

It appears this takes place at a night club, or maybe a rave, afterhours party, etc. You get the idea. My poinbt is that it’s obvious this girl and her boobs are at a public setting. I’m assuming that her boobs were at least soimewhat visible in her top, otherwise I don’t see why someone would snap a photo of her covered tits. Unless, of course, the photographer was snapping his buddy and ol’ Tits McGee got in the way, which would result in a very happy day when your pictures are developed. One of them lucky shots.

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2 Responses to “Hot Club Girl’s Boobs Exposed in a See-Thru Blouse”

  1. mits Said:

    yo too hot to handle

  2. matty Said:

    dayum nigga she should shave her chest hair

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