College Party Girl’s Nipple Slips for Group Photo

Time & Date: March 18, 2006 @ 4:39 pm

This looks like a few party-girl cuties, from the popular crowd, being nice to the fat girl by taking a picture with her. They’re all probably drunk off their ass and figured, “What the hell, let’s throw her a bone.” The fat girl kept and framed the picture until the girl who slips her nipple, was mean to her. So the fat girl’s revenge was spreading her exposed nipple all over the Net. Ok, I just made all that up, but seems logical.

Once again, the low-cut blouse with small, perky boobs have struck. Of course, a top like our slipee’s could easily expose any sized breast with the right movement, I suppose. So, we can’t blame her for being trampy, just drunk and careless, like most of the girls on this blog.

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One Response to “College Party Girl’s Nipple Slips for Group Photo”

  1. bob Said:

    hhahaha i know those girls

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