Hot Party Girl Flashes Her Boobs in the Club

Time & Date: March 21, 2006 @ 5:44 pm

There have been rare instances I witnessed, where a girl has flashed, or in some way, exposed her boobs in public, in a night club. Of course, the clubs I frequented, a lot of strippers would also be there. So, seeing a couple of mega-hotties making-out, feeling eachother up or exposing their spectacular tits to the public, was not an uncommon occurrence.

I love this clubber party girl’s cute, little titties. Plus, I have a real ‘thing’ for women with pierced nipples. I don’t like piercings anywhere else on a women, besides her ears of course; just their nipples. She’s flashing them proudly, but it appears she’s not the only one pulling her blouse/dress open, either. It looks like another women is trying to get a better view of her tits, as well.

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