Oops! Downblouse Nip Slip on Wild Club Girl

Time & Date: March 23, 2006 @ 1:58 pm

I really prefer to get a face shot in these photos. I like to see the whole package, but the real reason why we’re here is for the love of slippery nipples. And when I say, “slippery”, I mean, nipples that easily escape the confines of a woman’s blouse/bra, especially in public. ;)

I think this downblouse view of this wild club girl’s nipple about to slip, is classified as one of them lucky shots. Like, she just happened to be walking by as the photographer took the shot, and her “slippery” nipple wasn’t noticed until later. Too bad the camera didn’t follow her around the club that night, because those guns look very nice, and it appears they could pop-out of her blouse/dress at any time. That, I would’ve loved to see!

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