Party Girl gets Her Exposed Nipple Licked

Time & Date: March 24, 2006 @ 3:41 pm

Another case when nipples easily slip out, into the public, is when girls where them tube tops. They’re always great for accentuating a girl’s huge boobs and really show off what they’re packing. I used to live with a stripper and her and all her stripper friends, with big fake tits, always wore those tube tops. They were always so tight, you could clearly see their nipples poking through the material. I’m not a fan of boob jobs, but, day-yum they looked hot!

When I first saw this photo, I thought the drunk coed licking her nip, had pulled down her girlfriend’s top in order to tongue her nipple. Upon further inspection, her nipple has clearly slipped out of her tube top, accidentally. Obviously, at least the lesbo licker knew her friend’s nipple was visible, but I’m not sure if the slipee actually knows. Of course, for a careless drunk coed, partying hard, a nipple slip is almost a rite of passage. :D

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