A Nipple Slips During Wild Party Girl Antics

Time & Date: April 2, 2006 @ 4:14 pm

Aren’t you suppoosed to both be naked when you’re in this position? The ol’ stand-up 69. A maneuver I’ve never tried, personally. Though, it looks like a lot of fun, it also looks like a lot of work for minimum satisfaction. If I’m going to be having sex while standing up, she’ll be right side up with her legs wrapped around my waist, rather than around my neck. I think that position is more of a pornstar trick, than anything.

It’s obvious this drunk party girl was grabbed and thrown into this position, unexpectedly. That doesn’t automatically mean a guaranteed nipple slip, but in this case, it does. It’s not a full nip slip, but there’s definitely some areola making an appearance, and her nipple is right behind that. If the camerman would have just hung in there a milisecond longer, before he snapped the photo, we might have gotten a full slip.

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