Party Girl Slips Her Nipple in a Night Club

Time & Date: April 10, 2006 @ 12:12 am

You got to love a girl who has a sense of humor about her tit(s) poipping out in a night club, in public. I can see where it would be embarrassing for some girls. I mean, I would be embarrassed if my dick was dangling in the wind without me realizing it. SO, the girls who take it with stride, you got to respect. Especially, when it’s caught on camera!

Now that her titty slipped out in public, she doesn’t seem so innocent in that white dress. Actually, she could be flashing her boobs, but it really looks like an accidental slip and it is common in those types of dresses. I think both of her tits popped-out, but we’re catching her pulling it back up, while a rebellious boob doesn’t quite want to go back in hiding. She was probably drunk dancing until those puppies worked themselves free.

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