Party Girl Slips Her Nipple from Her Bikini

Time & Date: April 15, 2006 @ 6:19 pm

Who deosn’t like a woman in a bikini? That’s about the closest thing to them being completely naked, as you can get. Especially, with bikini tops. There’s always a very good chance that a nipple will slip out of there. I used to date this girl with big natural breasts, and I remember when we were in the Bahamas. I bought her this very sexy bikini for the trip, but her big boobies kept creeping out there. It was great for me, because it just made me hornier, but probably not as big of a thrill for her.

I’ve always loved that bikin-top/work-out-pants looks on chicks. They almost always have cute, little bods and a nice set of tits on them. I used to notice that look a lot on raver chicks, but they’re usually pretty cute too. But as you can see, a bikini top is always a good avenue for an accidental nip slip.

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One Response to “Party Girl Slips Her Nipple from Her Bikini”

  1. george Said:

    love to suck that sexy ass titty and nipple

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