Wild Party Girl’s Boob Slipping Out of Her Bikini

Time & Date: April 18, 2006 @ 12:59 pm

Yummy! Check out the sexy , little body on this wild party girl. Unfortunately, this photo has been compromised due to someone exhaling their smoke in front of the camera, but I fixed it up a bit and we can still get a pretty sweet look at her, in all her bouncing boobies glory.

This drunk coed is either dancing of jumping up and down, much like the trampoline “Juggies” that were on The Man Show. The difference here is that, what we all wished would’ve happened to one of the jumping Juggies, actually happened to this drunk hottie. Her boob is just bouncing it’s way right out of her bikini top. Now, how could you not love that?

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One Response to “Wild Party Girl’s Boob Slipping Out of Her Bikini”

  1. browser Said:

    she also has a camel toe if you loo carefully:D

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