Drunk Girls Flash Their Pierced Nipples in Public

Time & Date: April 19, 2006 @ 9:50 pm

I love when women have their nipples pierced. Outside of their ears, and maybe their naval, the nipples are the only thing I like pierced on women. To me, it just seems like they’re taking the extra time and effort to decorate their titties and make them look even prettier. And who doesn’t love pretty titties?

I never suspected that four friends would all happen to have their nipples pierced. I’m just wondering if it was some sort of girls day out, where they all went and had themselves pierced. Women bonding with their boobs, and then head over to the bar to get drunk and maybe even get a chance to show off their new piercings.

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One Response to “Drunk Girls Flash Their Pierced Nipples in Public”

  1. Jagd Said:

    MMMHHHHHHH. I love it.

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