Drunk Coed’s Nipple Slips at a Wild College Party

Time & Date: April 20, 2006 @ 2:44 am

I wish I had as much fun as this drunk party girl is having, while dancing. Don’t get me wrong, I like to dance. I’m always out on the dancefloor at bars and clubs. For one thing, it’s still kind of fun, and number two, women love to dance. It’s always good to have a skill or two, that women dig, and dancing is the perfect opportunity to be close and dirty with a woman without her looking too slutty to the rest of the harsh-judging female public.

When women wear these types of tops, they usually manifest a nice downblouse view, whether it’s only cleavage or the occasional nipple slip. Obviously, in this case, we have a partial slip. There’s more of her areola visible, than a full nipple, but it’s still nice to see even the slightest slipage. This drunk college girl has no idea her nipple/boob is slipping out while she’s bouncing around to the tunes. A couple more hops to the beat, and we might’ve had her full titty popping out. If only the cameraman was there then. Damn Murphy and his law!

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  1. Suzanne Said:

    Great pics. I am bi and I like it .

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