Downblouse Nipple View on Drunk College Coed

Time & Date: April 29, 2006 @ 2:45 am

I’ve been noticing a lot of photos of drunk coeds partying in their bras, lately. I don’t remember seeing that when I was in college. Not that it’s a big deal to see a girl in her bra or anything, it’s just not something I’m used to seeing. In fact, I encourage drunk coeds everywhere to remove as much clothing as possible! :mrgreen:

This is not the perfect downblouse/nipple shot, but we do get a slight glimpse of her areola, on what looks like some nice puffy nipples. Judging by the direction she’s already heading, I’m guessing some lucky dude got to at least wrap his lips around those nipples, at that party. She’s already drunk and half-naked. I don’t think it would take much more effort to get her all the way naked and laying on her back, with her ankles at her ears.

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2 Responses to “Downblouse Nipple View on Drunk College Coed”

  1. Jagden und Angeln Said:

    Cool pic, thank you very much. I love it.


  2. rhys Said:

    absolutely wicked,great photo
    cheers Rhys

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