A Nipple’s Exposed During Drunken Bar Game

Time & Date: May 6, 2006 @ 3:07 am

I love it when chicks get so drunk and wasted that they start letting their girlfriends suck on their titties or nipples; or, of course, vice versa. I think I’m just attracted to the ‘wild’ factor of it all, because I’m not usually turned on by lesbians at all. It’s that they wouldn’t be normally doing this if they weren’t so shitfaced drunk. It always makes me wonder what else they would do because they’re drunk, or how far I could take them.

It appears this wild drunk girl is letting her girlfriend, or at least another woman, spray whipped cream all over her tits/nipples, then licking it all off. The other sign that this girl is a wild one, is her tongue piercing. There’s usually only one reason why a woman would want her tongue pierced. Of course, on this night, she might be using it on her friend’s clit instead of on a man’s shaft. You never know what women will do once you add alcohol.

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