Wasted Party Girl Slips Her Nipple in Public

Time & Date: May 8, 2006 @ 6:02 pm

Talk about a great advertisement for J├Ągermeister! Three cute, drunk and wasted girls, still going at 6:30 am and fueled by J├Ąger. They’re so drunk that one of them doesn’t even realize her nipples/tits are slipping out of her dress in public! It sold me! I will now be using it to get girls drunk, and loose. ;)

This drunk party girl must have a boob job, because her nipples/areola looks kind of weird. It might be the lighting and coloring of the photo, but it also be a scar from her augmentation. Whatever the case, a very drunk girl that’s slipping ouut of her dress, without her realizing a thing, is good enough for me. If I ran into her at that bar, I’d be all over her, like a fifth-grade crush.

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One Response to “Wasted Party Girl Slips Her Nipple in Public”

  1. johny Said:

    ya its very good

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