Club Girl Slips a Nipple While Drinking

Time & Date: May 12, 2006 @ 1:31 am

I love it when women spend all this time getting ready, doing their best to look pretty and perfect. They go out to some fancy night club and join their friends in the VIP room. Everything’s going fine, then someone shows up with a camera and snaps a photo. No one will remember how great she/they looked that night in a few days, but they will always remember that photograph where she was drunk and slipping her nipple in public.

I also love it when club girls wear those cute, little cocktail dresses without anything underneath. Not just because their nipples or full titties could easily slip out, or the fact that they will be giving us one hell of view if they were to dance on one of them boxes/platforms, by seeing up her skirt. It’s that they just look so damn sexy in those things, like women in sun dresses. Yummy! And just the thought of their hot, little bodies underneath drives men wild.

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