See-Thru Nip Slip on Dancing Club Girl

Time & Date: May 18, 2006 @ 8:10 pm

If you like beautiful, amozonian blondes, then this dancing club girl is definitely the woman for you. She must be ten feet tall! She towers over the men! Acutally, I’m just joking about the size difference over the men, but she’s definitely a very tall girl, with very large boobs. Of course, her “Saturday Night Fever” dance moves aren’t presenting her in a very good light.

Apparently, she’s boogying so hard that one of her big boobs has worked it’s way sideways, exposing itself through the sheer, see-thru material of her top. It’s too bad that extra material is there, because most tops I’ve seen like that, don’t have the extra material, which, of course, would’ve resulted in a full-on nip slip. By the looks of it, her whole titty probably would’ve slipped out. :mrgreen:

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