Drunk Girl’s Nip Slips at a Wild Night Club

Time & Date: May 28, 2006 @ 4:21 am

As I’m sure you can already tell, I love girls when they’re drunk. They’re so much fun and usually very horny, but when they get together with their drunk girlfriends, sometimes they really act like goofs. Almost like they’re drunk for the first time in their lives, but still in high school. It’s kind of annoying, especially when you’re out at some posh night club, but as long as they’re as easy and naive as drunk high school girls, then I can deal with it.

You might have to look carefully for this nip slip, because it’s not where you would normally think it would be. Actually, I’m surprised I caught it. If you look closely to the far left of the photo, you will see a nice, long erect and pierced nipple peeking out of a girl-in-white’s blouse.

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7 Responses to “Drunk Girl’s Nip Slips at a Wild Night Club”

  1. john Said:

    I’m not too sure but I think thats a guys nip.

  2. Administrator Said:

    No, it’s the girl in white’s nipple. Plus, guys don’t have long nipples like that…or tits, for that matter.

  3. Bobby Said:

    That is a guy’s nipple. He’s wearing a wife beater. That nipple didn’t start out that big. And look at the hair on that chest. That female face in the very top left corner does not belong to that chest. Definitely a male. Don’t beat off to it too much.

  4. Rich Said:

    I love your blog but… Hey I looked at the nipple of the person in white… it is a guy. The guy has large pecs not tits. If that is infact a woman she should get that hair waxed because she has exceptionally hairy nipples.

  5. Administrator Said:

    I’m tellin’ ya. That’s a girl’s nipple. I saw the full series of these pictures and the girl in white has the exact same tattoo. The girl in the upper corner does not belong to that body. Click the link “blouse” in the post & you will see the girl in white, with a very low-cut blouse and small tits.

  6. Administrator Said:

    Oh, and that “hairy chest” you’re seeing is the girls long, black hair, flowing over her exposed nipple. Look closer.

  7. Norm Said:

    NO WAY that’s a guy’s nipple! That’s a definite, no-questions-asked, female tittie pierced nipple boob.
    And most importantly, it has slipped out of it’s drunk owner’s top.
    Love it!

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