Drunk Babe Gets Her Nipples Sucked in Public

Time & Date: June 8, 2006 @ 2:23 am

I can never figure out why when girls get drunk, they flash their tits and/or a couple of their girlfriends will either grab their tit or suck on their nipples. Of course, I enjoy seeing it as much as they next guy, but women’s thought process just baffles me, sometimes. I mean, when I get shit faced, I don’t pull down my pants and have a couple of my buddies start juggling my nuts in their mouth, let alone in front of a camera!

Case in point, this busty, drunk blonde lifts up her shirt/bikini for the camera, her two drunk girlfriends start sucking on her nipples. It’s the perfect setting. A vacation warm, tropical island with just the girls. Their whole trip consists of drinking on the beach all day, hitting the clubs at night, getting laid by some random guys, and slipping in a few hours of sleep, here and there. Sounds like a great trip to me! Especially if I’m one of the lucky dudes that gets to go home with them. ;)

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2 Responses to “Drunk Babe Gets Her Nipples Sucked in Public”

  1. Poobath Said:

    Anybody else notice that the girl on the right also has her hand on the flashing chicks pussy?

  2. Administrator Said:

    Oh yeah! I didn’t notice that before. Nice call! :D

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