Club Girl’s Blouse Slips Down in Public

Time & Date: June 9, 2006 @ 6:18 pm

Oops! Apparently, a woman can never be too careful when she’s wearing a shoulderless blouse, like this. Especially when she has tiny titties. She doesn’t have those extra-large speed bumps to stop that last bit of her blouse from accidentally exposing her tits in public, in front of the whole night club.

It does look like she had some help getting that blouse to slip off her tits, though. Perhaps it was her boyfriend holding onto her mid-section, accidentally pulling down her top. One thing that’s clear, is that her little titties were exposed long enough for others to notice, and enough time to attempt pulling her arms away, from blocking her breasteses. I’m digging that 80’s miniskirt she’s got, too.

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2 Responses to “Club Girl’s Blouse Slips Down in Public”

  1. kiran Said:

    Super natural scenes. Really sexy. It will be great to have more movies and live shots over here. Great work.

  2. Charly Said:

    I m not sure to it was an accident.
    If you look carefully, the guy with a brown t-shirt prevent her moving and drop down her blouse.
    The other one seem to prevent her hide her tits and get her blouse corerctly by helding up her hands.

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