Celebrity Nipple Slip - Anne Hathaway

Time & Date: June 12, 2006 @ 4:18 pm

Do you remember that girl in that family flick, “The Princess Diaries”? Well, she’s all growed-up now and has blossomed very nicely. That girl would be Anne Hathaway, a young, rising star in Hollywood. She really hasn’t made her mark yet, as an adult, but after seeing her recently in the film, “Havoc”, and quite a bit of nude scenes, with Bijou Philips, I’m thinking she definitely has some potential.

I honestly don’t know much about Anne Hathaway. Like most men, I became fan once I saw her nude and in a sex scene, in the movie, “Havoc”, like I mentioned above. Which is kind of a hot sex scene for a while, especially with Bijou getting double-teamed by two Latin gangbangers. Apparently, Anne Hathaway is also in the homo-erotic-cowboys flick, “Brokeback Mountain”, where she also bares her breasts, but I will never know for sure, because you won’t catch me watching a movie about gay bare-backing cowboys. I’ll just have to wait until I see it somwhere in cyberspace.

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