Drunk Topless Coeds Making Out at a Party

Time & Date: June 12, 2006 @ 1:17 am

Don’t you just love it when cute college coeds, desperate for attention, get shitfaced drunk? This is what happens! They start playing around with eachother and start getting some male attention, which leads to kissing, then partial nudity and finally, an all-out drunken lesbian lick fest, right there, on the coffee table! Not to mention that every dude at the party are crowding around them getting very horny, and egging them on to take things further.

These two drunk coed cuties appear to be taking their lesbo show pretty far. There’s not much more they can do besides get completely naked and possibly, maybe even a little bit of some sixty-nine action, and if you’re lucky; double-dildo, ass-to-ass, fuck show action! But I think they’d have to be REALLY drunk to let it go that far, and in front of a group of dudes, all snapping pics with their cell phones.

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One Response to “Drunk Topless Coeds Making Out at a Party”

  1. ankit kapoor ,606 guru nanak pura{east};jalandhar punjab india Said:

    hay hee issssssssssss fucking

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