Drunk Club Girl Flashes Her Erect Nipple

Time & Date: June 15, 2006 @ 5:27 pm

This drunk club girl reminds of the types of girls I love to bring home after a night of wild partying. She has a bit of that trashy look going for her, which, in my experiences, usually means she’s a “sure thing” for a drunken romp in the sack. If you just keep feeding her alcohol, she’ll remain yours for the evening.

The fact that she’s flashing her milky-white tit in public also tips me off that she might be an easy score. I know I’d be all over her, like a fifth grade crush, once I saw those nipples. She has great tiny nipples, but they’re also long and erect, which just drives me crazy. It looks like her girlfriend has the right idea. She’s doing what I’m thinkin’.

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47 Responses to “Drunk Club Girl Flashes Her Erect Nipple”

  1. Rick Said:

    nice nipp am18 and would luv to suk it babe and il uv ur hair and wud luv to see ur pusy , u make me hard xx

  2. Dan Said:

    Looks like she wore a shreaded bra to the bar. Not nice.

  3. Mitch Said:

    Is it me or does she have hairy armpits!!
    I love it when girls have very small nipples!!!!!!!!1

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