Oops! Club Girl Slips a Nipple While Dancing

Time & Date: June 22, 2006 @ 2:58 am

One of my favorite things about hitting the clubs is watching the girlies in their sexiest outfits, dancing and shaking their tail. There’s this one club where they select the hottest of the hot women to dance in a cage, above the dance floor. I could sit their all night and watch all the drunk hotties wiggle their sexy little bodies. Of course, I would more than likely leave a puddle of drool where I was standing and watching them, but the mess would be worth it.

I always love the overzealous girls, that are dancing and boogying so hard that one of their titties/nipples slips out of their top. They’re my favorite kind of dancers, besides strippers, of course. Obviously, this club girl has no idea that her nipple has worked itself out into the public’s view, which makes a good nip slip all the better.

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