Wasted Coed Rips Her Shirt Open in Public

Time & Date: July 6, 2006 @ 12:52 am

Now, this is the kind of enthusiasm I can get used to, coming from a drunk and wild party girl! She undoes her top and rips her bra open, dancing around with a beer in one hand and her two huge boobs bouncing around freely, and in public, yet she’s so nonchalant about exposing herself. I’m just picturing her violently swinging her head around like she is, when she’s naked, riding and straddling me, cowgirl-style.

The two flat-chested party girls off to the side, that are still completely clothed are grinning only on the outside, if I know women at all. Which I don’t. But I DO know girls can by catty, more often than not. I’m sure they’re thinking, “That big itty bimbo is stealing all our thunder!” Oh well, girls. Sometimes you gotta do what’cha gotta do, to stand out in tough competetion.

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One Response to “Wasted Coed Rips Her Shirt Open in Public”

  1. ankit kapoor ,606 guru nanak pura{east};jalandhar punjab india Said:

    i would have fucked her if would have been in that party!

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