Wild Club Girl Slips Her Nips Thru Her Top

Time & Date: July 12, 2006 @ 11:45 pm

I loooooove them club girls! It’s the whole atmosphere, or ambiance, of the night club environment, that really adds to their sex appeal. I mean, having a hot body and some cool, skimpy clothes is the main ingredients, but you throw that hot, little bod up on a dance platform, with all the lights and booming beats, and watch her shake her tail feather, she’s going to become all the more appealing.

If you look closely, on the girl-in-black’s slotted top, you will notice her areola/nipple peeking out, into the public. It might have something do with the dude holding her while her girlfriend gropes her tits, but it’s those strategically slotted top that ultimately reveals her nipple(s). I guess a top like that would be perfect for sneaking a little sucky-sucky here and there.

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