Sexy Club Girl’s Nip Slips Out of Her Blouse

Time & Date: August 9, 2006 @ 9:23 pm

Day-yum! Those are some humongous boobs! And they look like natural boobs to me, too. It’s just that she has her cleavage jacked-up all the way to her chin, that might make them looks a bit too firm for real boobs. I used to date this girl that had these big, beautiful natural tits and they were always slipping out of her bra, bikini and sometimes even her top. It was always very annoying for her, but I loved it! Sometimes, when she didn’t notice her own nip slip and I would, I would sneakily grab/pinch her exposed nipple. Again, annoying for her, but great for me.

Of course, it happens to girls with big fake tits, too. I used to have a female roommate that was a stripper at one of the most prestigious gentleman’s clubs in the city. Living with her, I always saw a lot of skin, between her and all her stripper girlfriends. They would wear such skimpy clothing that they were always inadvertantly flashing/slipping something. Whether it was their nipples, tits, ass cheeks or even sometimes their pussy. It doesn’t bother strippers though, because their already so used to showing off their goodies. That was one hell of a roommate! :mrgreen:

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