Club Girl Forceably Flashes Her Boob

Time & Date: September 18, 2006 @ 5:26 pm

Personally, I’ve never had any luck attempting this kind of maneuver on women. Even with the ones I’m dating! I usually get smacked, so I eventually learned that it’s not good for me, if I try and pull down a women’s top, exposing her boobs. As we can see, some dudes have whatever it takes to get away with this. I used to have a buddy like that. He was always feeling-up and grabbing women’s goodies, but they always just laughed it off, like it’s no big deal.

It’s obvious that this drunk club girl doesn’t mind a bit, that some dude is pulling down her bra/top, forcing her boob to be exposed in public. It’s a very nice boob, too. And any girl that’s willing to let you do that, in my perception, is probably willing to show you a whole lot more in private. It’s more-than-likely the booze in her that has killed any desire to stop you from exposing and groping her public.

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One Response to “Club Girl Forceably Flashes Her Boob”

  1. Matthew Said:

    That is a very nice tit. That bra she was wearing didn’t do much good :) . Hope to see more forced pics like this one. I like those.

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