Drunk Coed Slips a Nip at a Wild Party

Time & Date: September 23, 2006 @ 3:32 pm

I love it when Halloween comes around, because for some reason it gives women the green light to dress-up like dirty tramps, and you won’t catch me putting on the red light. Of course, that’s not really dressing-up, because they usually wear far less clothing, than usual. I remember one year, a group of girls I used to party with, all went out to the clubs dressed as Victoria’s Secret models. They went out in public, only dressed in their skimpy underwear, or in sexy lingerie and high heels. Oh, and they had angel wings strpped to their backs. Needless to say, they got a LOT of attention that Halloween night.

This drunk party girl’s costume doesn’t seem so much slutty, as it does loose. Apparently, she should have gotten a costume that fits her better, because she’s leaving us with a nice nip slip, almost a full tity slip. I guess that’s the price one pays when they’re trying to look sexy in a Halloween costume. Kind of like when I squeezed my fat, hairy ass into assless chaps, this Halloween. How’s that for a mental image? ;)

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