New Adult Social Network

Time & Date: October 10, 2006 @ 5:12 pm

Ok, everyone. I’ve been working on getting this new site up for quite a while. After many long server and script battles, I FINALLY got everything up and running.

Rocketship69 is a brand spanking new FREE social network for adults only. And when I say “adults”, I mean, men, women, couples, swingers; both straight or gay. What we’re shooting for is a cross between ‘Friendster’ and ‘Adult Friend Finder’ , so this means Rocketship69 has some very cool features. Some features include (but not limited to):

Customized Profiles
Your own blog and photo gallery (keep private or public)
Video Greetings
Friends Lists
Share/View More Videos & Photos in the Forums
Matchmaking & Flirting
Swinger Events & get-Togethers

And that’s just to name a few of our features!

I admit, there’s not much there now, because it’s literally that new! Technically, it’s in beta stage. You guys are hearing about this first, before I open it to the big public. I’ve been adding some nice amateur sex videos and photo galleries, there, and I’ll be adding more as we go along. This means that you can also share your dirty amateur/homemade videos, as well, because that’s what the site is all about.

Right now, it’s totally free. There’s no up-sales or even any advertising, at this point, but you must sign-up to be able to use all the features we have available. I probably will be charging in the future, but as my gift to all of you who are signing-up now and keeping the network alive & active, I will be giving you free lifetime memberships.

So check out Rocketship69, get your free account, start posting and have fun! :D

42 Responses to “New Adult Social Network”

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