Sloppy Drunk Girl Lets Her Nipple Slip

Time & Date: October 20, 2006 @ 10:16 am

I wouldn’t think this girl’s top/dress would be one to easily allow a nip slip, but we have photographic proof right in front of us. From the looks of her, I would have to says he has a pretty nice, all-natural rack going for her, and probably a hot, little body all togther. Apparently, she just needs to be a bit more careful, shaking her stuff on the dance floor.

Something tells me that this girl is completely shitfaced, sloppy drunk in this photo. Her eyes look half-shut and and she also appears to be concentrating very hard and taking the next step, without falling on her face. Put all that with a nipple/titty slipping out of her top, completely unnoticed, and I’m thinking this is one wasted girlie.

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One Response to “Sloppy Drunk Girl Lets Her Nipple Slip”

  1. Mac Said:

    Definitely a wasted girlie here! If I had been dancing with her I think I might be the one to blame for her slipping top LOL.
    “Thanks for the dance: can I get you another drink?”

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