Party Girls Do a Public Lesbo Sex Show

Time & Date: October 22, 2006 @ 5:48 am

This is a bit more hardcore than I normally get here, but how could I pass up a photo of chick finger-fucking her girlfriend in the butt, in front of a group of party people? I mean, it’s not often a girl drops trau in a middle of a party, let alone let her friend ream her butthole with a couple fingers, in the process.

I can tell by the drinks and that there are several people standing around, so it’s at least some kind of party. And either these girls are super wasted or they’re full-on, hardcore exhibitioists; but I think even practicing exhibitionists show some restraint, in normal socitety. I’m just wondering if anyone else got to take turns sticking something of theirs in her a butthole, after her friend was done. I dare to dream.

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10 Responses to “Party Girls Do a Public Lesbo Sex Show”

  1. bullfrog Said:

    there needs to be more

  2. chuck Said:

    Nah… Two girl just came into a BBQ party and said “Look what we can do!”, did this, and left. :)

  3. Joey Jo Jo Shabadooski Said:

    I lost my keys in that girl earlier then was thrown out of the party for trying to find them, so i sent my friends mom in there to get em back

  4. ... Said:

    they must have run out of cups to drink beer out of so they use her ass

  5. tunak Said:

    Damn right there has to be more, this is the best pic ever

  6. l Said:

    the girl on the bottom looks suprised, maby this WASNT planed lol

  7. John Said:

    This may be far fetched, but I think I know the ass fuckee in that pic. She is actually a friends girlfriend. She is notorious for freaky anal debauchery. If anyone has pic details, let me know; [email protected]

  8. Guspisarasoup Said:

    Its amazing what people will post in these forums, some of it is quite brilliant!

  9. Theanoopp Said:

    I love naked girl

  10. Peter Said:

    Wow! This is the best picture ever

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