Drunken Nipple Pleasures in a Night Club

Time & Date: October 24, 2006 @ 11:02 pm

I would have to say that this runs more in the ‘forced’ nip slip category. In other words, her nipple(s) being exposed to the public, like that, probably wasn’t intentional, but it’s definitely not accidental, either. In fact, it’s her drunk and aggressive lesbian girlfriend that is taken advantage of her horniness and her need to be touched. But she’s not the only one. If you look in the background, another drunken club girl has her blouse pushed-up, over her bra.

I used to be a big part of the club scene in my city, and seeing a couple of hotties go at it, nudity and all, was part of the norm. Don’t get wrong, it never got old, but it was usually at the after-hours parties (usually at my pad) is where it got really hot. A lot of strippers hung-out in the scnene and they were not shy about getting naked in front of people, and even go as far as having lesbian sex in front of party people. Those visions has kept me company many lonely nights.

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2 Responses to “Drunken Nipple Pleasures in a Night Club”

  1. Murdoch Said:

    My eye caught the girl in the background as well. We can barely see the outline of an areola.

    But these two in the foreground are looking pretty preoccupied with their fondling.

    You just have to love the facial expression and the forced nipslip of course.

  2. Graham Mr Whiteley Said:


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