Nip Slips When Drunk Girl’s Bikini Unties

Time & Date: October 30, 2006 @ 2:25 pm

When I was younger, I always always so tempted to pull the string on some girl’s bikini, exposing her beautiful rack for all the world to see, namely me. Of course, I would never actually do that, but that string being the only protection between me and boobies, is like dangling lunch money in front of a bully. He knows he can’t get away with it, but how sweet would it be if he could.

Lucky for us, this drunk coed’s bikini string accidentally came untied, revealing her nipple and partially her boobs. It appears there’s some sort of exhibitionism already going on, judging by bar patrons watching the girls, but they’re definitrely not strippers, and since they’re in a bar, I’m only assuming the girls already fairly schnockered.

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4 Responses to “Nip Slips When Drunk Girl’s Bikini Unties”

  1. Murdoch Said:

    I love that waterslide nipslip linked in your post. Thousands of women must be slipping everyday at waterslides.

    Did you put the link or is it a sponsor-generated link?

  2. Administrator Said:

    It’s just a link I found on Google when looking for a “bikini slip”. :)

  3. Matthew Said:

    Agreed, that video is pretty cool, thanks for including that one. At least it isn’t a link to a site that links to another site, and so on and so forth until you realize you are getting nowhere :)

  4. Administrator Said:

    Yes, I try not to do that…

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