Cute Party Girl Slips Her Nipple in Public

Time & Date: November 13, 2006 @ 7:14 pm

I usually prefer smaller tits on women. One of the reasons why I do is because in most cases, the smaller the tit, the better the nipple. So many women with smaller tits have these awesome long and erect nipples. Since I’ve been blogging about nip slips, another reason I love smaller titties is because they slip so easily from tops, like this cute, little party girl.

I’m not sure if this chick is actually drunk or not, but the cocktail dress tells me that she isn’t cleaning the house, and an evening of “tying-one-on” could easily result in her dress slipping down, revealing her little nipples to the public, without her knowledge.

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5 Responses to “Cute Party Girl Slips Her Nipple in Public”

  1. purple monkey dishwasher Said:

    im actually disappointed in this picture. i have no idea why but i dont find her cute at all. nipple=sweet. girl=meh

  2. Mac Said:

    Gorgeous! And it won’t take much for her second nipple to slip as well - beautiful but impossible top for her to keep herself decent in … the kind I love.

  3. Dennis The Menace Said:

    I have a bunch of nip slips from clubs… I’d e-mail them if I could find where to send them on the site?!?

  4. Administrator Said:

    hey Dennis. if you would like to submit some pics, I’d be more than happy to post them. Please send them to:
    nipslips AT drunkgirlgalleries DOT com
    (you would need to properly format that adress)
    Thanks! :D

  5. Sliva Said:

    Hello russian girl

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