Drunk Girl Slips a Nip While Chugging Beer

Time & Date: November 24, 2006 @ 9:18 pm

You have got to love a girl who loves her beer! I’ve seen plenty of girls chugging beer in my day, but I don’t ever recall a girl so enthusiastic, that she chugs from a picture of beer. Not to mention while soaking in a hot tub with her little nipple slipping out of her bikini. It’s really more of her areola, rather than a full-on nip slip, but very nice, nonetheless.

I love getting naked and drunk with girls in a hot tub! Even if it never leads to anything sexual, it’s never a dull moment. It’s even more fun when they’re shy at first, but loosen-up through out the course of the evening, slowly stripping away all of their clothing. If you’ve never experienced the joy of hot tubbing with drunk, naked girls, I highly recommend that you seek it out.

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2 Responses to “Drunk Girl Slips a Nip While Chugging Beer”

  1. Murdoch Said:

    That’s my kind of girl. Beer-drinking chics are a big turn on for me. The nipslip just makes this that much better.

  2. Si Topia Said:

    Another great pic, I’d love to send some of my own photos, I have some amazing ones, does anybody know how I can contribute?

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