Drunk Coed Accidentally Lets Her Nip Slip

Time & Date: December 15, 2006 @ 5:28 pm

You you really have to look to catch this nip slip, but it’s there. The drunk, cute coed, in the pink, has accidentally pulled her blouse/bra down a bit too much, while flashing her cleavage. That’s not the only reason I wanted to post this photo, though. I absolutely love how the other drunken cleavage flasher has a big ole hickey on her boob, out in plain view. That’s a classy babe, right there. That doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t be a great one night stand, though.

Wild, party girls, like these two, are always so much fun. I used to throw big after-hours parties all the time, and it was always these types of girls that stayed after the party was over, whether it was slipping into the sack with you, or continue partying and getting even more wild, and naked. I probably wouldn’t bring a girl like this home to momma, but I’d definitely bring her home. ;)

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