Downblouse Shot on Drunk Girl at a Bar

Time & Date: January 12, 2007 @ 4:31 am

It’s tough to spot the nip slip on this obviously wasted girl, but if you follow that wonderful cleavage down her blouse, towards the tips of her boobs, you will see more of, what I like to refer to, an areola slip. Not a completely visible nipple, but clearly some sort of accidental exposure or slipage. I’m really wondering that if her long, blonde locks weren’t in the way, if we would have gotten a much bigger nipple slip on her other boob.

I think this drunk chick is pretty sexy. I love what she’s about to do to that bottle neck. She looks kind of dumb with that $100 dollar bill on her forehead, but if she comes hot, drunk and with $100, you won’t hear any arguments from me. Especially when her boobs are already about to pop out in public, right onto the table, like you’re being welcomed with a red carpet, down her blouse and eventually into her pants.

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