Club Girl Lets Her Big Boobs Slip Out

Time & Date: January 18, 2007 @ 12:12 am

Now, that’s what I call one helluva dress! Especially for a woman with a body like this sexy club girl’s. And her huge, all-natural boobs really make the dress what it is. In other words, not just any girl would look as hot as this one does, in that little number. Apparently, she didn’t count on those massive mammaries being so hard to contain in that thing, because, as I’m sure you already noticed, one of her boobs is slipping right out the side. Any sudden movements and those things could easily break free, exposing her boobs to the public.

It’s always a fashion show for regular club-goers, for both men and women, alike. Men’s clothes don’t change much, but over the years I’ve noticed women’s club styles getting trampier, skimpier and tighter. It’s a great time to be alive, but if women’s fashion trends continue in this direction, I’m hoping by the time I hit my mid-life crisis, they will be wearing nothing but high heels and smile, when they hit the clubs.

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5 Responses to “Club Girl Lets Her Big Boobs Slip Out”

  1. stinkybum Said:

    What the hell is in the background… looks like a cross between a trannie and frankenstein.

  2. auskenner Said:

    This is not a girl, she looks old!

  3. Eukaryote Said:

    Girl? That’s an old lady. She has huuuge nipples though

  4. aries937 Said:

    Who is this?As its name?

  5. aries937 Said:

    Who is this lady? As a name?

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