Drunk Party Girl Lets Her Nipples Slip

Time & Date: January 25, 2007 @ 11:47 am

Something tells me that this obviously drunk party girl has no hang-ups about her nipples, or boobs for that matter, being exposed to the public. An abundance of Mardi Gras style beads covering her chest or not, you don’t see too many girls ordering a drink at the bar while topless. Especially girls as cute as this one. If you look closely, you will notice one of her nipples slipping into the public eye, from in-between her beads.

It seems kind of strange that everyone around her, and including her, are so nonchalant about her outfit, or lack thereof. I would just think that she would have a swarm of drunk and annoying dudes surrounding her, hoping they will be the one lucky guy who will be able to score with her. If I were there, I would probably end up being one of those dudes, too.

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One Response to “Drunk Party Girl Lets Her Nipples Slip”

  1. pbean Said:

    She is not wearing anything on her top at all, and I can’t imagine she just forgot to put on a shirt that morning. Must be intentional. :)

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