Wasted Coed’s Nipple Slips Out of Her Bra

Time & Date: March 4, 2007 @ 8:49 am

Whoa! Is she really that wasted or is she just swooning because a naked man is standing before her. Either way, it looks like she’s about to give it up whether she knows it or not, and her friends in the background seem to be in full support of it. I’m guessing it’s that girl’s birthday and her girlfriends decided to get her drunk and laid.

As I’m sure you have noticed by now, this drunk coed is so wasted that her big, natural boobs are coming out of her bra. Unfortunately, we don’t get full exposure of her massive mammaries, but we do see her nipple/areola slipping out into the open. I guess that’s what happens when a a busty girl has her shirt ripped open, is completely shitfaced and has a naked man holding her up.

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8 Responses to “Wasted Coed’s Nipple Slips Out of Her Bra”

  1. jesse Said:

    ive got a tit slip where do i send it??

  2. Robert Said:

    She’s handcuffed to the chair too

  3. poasd Said:

    yeah, what happened? this site used to be updated pretty often. now its like once every other week.

  4. zoomwojo Said:

    bottom of the barrel. more naked dude then chic. you can almost see this drunk fattie’s areola.

  5. elmo the great Said:

    i don’t know what’s up.
    no nipple, no updates, no posts… :(

  6. MW Said:

    Even worse, the owner has resorted to deleting posts! Several of mine have vanished. Apparently we aren’t allowed to speak our mind here…

    Let me update your site for ya!

  7. sadness Said:

    My comment was deleted as well. All I said was I did not want to look at this fatty and more!

  8. Administrator Said:

    Your posts were deleted accidentally. I have to delete hundreds of spam comments by hand and once in a while I delete a legit comment by accident.

    I’m trying to get back to regular updates, I’ve just been very busy with new projects.

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