Wild Party Girl Exposes Her Friend’s Nipple

Time & Date: June 13, 2007 @ 5:12 pm

I’ve always thought that sexually aggressive girls is kind of a turn-on. Especially when it’s happening to me! It’s even hotter when a girl is aggressive towards another woman. That little blonde party girl knows exactly what she’s after, and the tall brunette is letting her have it. I just wish we got to see the rest of the photos of what happens after she exposes her girlfriend’s nipple/boobs.

Hardcore party girls are really like this, though. I used to throw a lot of after hours parties and it never ceased to amaze me how naughty these drunk club girls would get with other girls. And in public, right in front of everyone! Guys never stood around and watched them, though. They were too busy trying to find their own piece of ass to bring home with them, or doing the same thing in the corner with some loose, little honey.

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6 Responses to “Wild Party Girl Exposes Her Friend’s Nipple”

  1. i'm with bush Said:

    Her name is Tania and she appeared on the uk version of Big Brother

  2. Administrator Said:

    Well, Tania is gonna get herself some pink…

  3. Arthur Said:

    That’s a breast I could’ve done without seeing!
    So saggy! So ugly!

  4. Saumitra Said:

    I wana see some more pictures of this type.i LOV DIS TYPE OF DRUNK PICS

  5. Saumitra Said:

    Drink wine and suck nipple hard

  6. Karen Said:

    Betcha there’s no panties under that skirt!!

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